Dance Classes Delhi

Are you looking for dance classes in Delhi Or dance Studio in Delhi for learning dance ?
We are here to make you a fabulous dancer.

    Bollywood Dance -:Bollywood dance is a fusion on Indian dance forms and western dance forms, It is really fun to learn Bollywood dance and we are sure After learning bollyood dance style you can dance like hrithik, madhuri Or Kareena. For more info click here

    Hip Hop Dance -:Hip Hop Dance is a funky dance style some people call it street dance. It was most popular among African Americans but now it is popular all over world. for more info click here

    Salsa Dance -: Salsa is a couple dance form and it is spicy, cool romantic dance style with lots of lifts and dips movements. for more info click here

    Bhangra Dance -:This is really a most energetic dance form in India. Full of energy and excitement is there in Bhangra Dance style. for more info click here

    Break Dance -:Break Dance is a part of hip hop and now it has become more energetic and exclusive with included B- boy in this style. If you wanna learn hand stand or head spin. Welcome to our studio.

    Folk Dance-:There are plenty of folk dance forms in India. we are use to teach Rajasthani. Dandia and haryanwi dance form.

    Latin American dance-:It is again a couple dance form Rumba, Cha cha cha, Salsa, Samba and Meringue comes under this dance style. All dance forms look same but there are many different moves with different music.

    Wedding Dance -: Wedding dance is order of the day. Wedding couple learn a dance sequence and performed on the wedding function. for more info click here

    Theme Dance-: Theme dance is getting popular in India now. We choose a song and choreograph it with the theme to make it different from others.

    Belly Dance-: Belly dance is from Egypt and now popular in India. If you wanna learn Belly dance, We have private dance classes for that. for more info click here

    Private Dance Lesson -: If you do not have to time to learn for a long time and want private dance lesson in our studio Or at your place. Our instructors are there to make you a fabulous dancer in short time. for more info click here